Parent Education

Co-Parenting in Difficult Times

Positive Co-parenting-in Difficult Times is a five hour educational seminar that takes place over two evenings The Medford & Haverhill classes are from 6:30 to 9:00 both nights. The North Reading classes are from 7:00 to 9:30 both nights. The fee for this program is eighty dollars per participant. The program has been approved by the Chief Justice of the Probate and Family Court in Boston MA., and meets the requirements for divorcing couples with minor children. Participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance that they may file with the court. In order to meet the court requirements, parents are required to attend different seminars from each other. Courses are held approximately every 2 to 4 weeks, and take place in North Reading (at the Little School), in Haverhill (at Northern Essex Community College), and in Medford (at Medford High School).

This course is a comprehensive seminar which is designed to educate parents about children’s emotional needs and the effects of divorce on children. It consists of education of the adult’s emotional stages in the process of divorce. It outlines the phases of child development and how the child will be affected by divorce at each stage of development. The course specifies the special needs and issues that children of divorce have, and provides positive suggestions and techniques designed to help parents lessen the negative impact of divorce on their children. Positive Co-Parenting in Difficult Times teaches parents how to anticipate problem behavior in both the co-parent and the child and respond in helpful ways. We teach conflict resolution skills and dispute resolution methods. The legal and economic responsibilities of divorcing parents towards their children are briefly outlined as well. We offer many positive and practical suggestions for co-parenting. The course also provides information about community resources that are available to the family and children. We offer a multimodal program where reading, lecture, discussion and role-playing all enhance participants grasp of the material.


Currently Scheduled Parent Classes in 2018 – 2019


Wed & Thurs, January 23rd and 24thE. Little Elementary School, North Reading
Wed & Thurs, February 27th and 28thMedford High School, Medford
Wed & Thurs, March 20th and 21stE. Little Elementary School, North Reading
Wed & Thurs, April 24th and 25thMedford High School, Medford
Wed & Thurs, May 15th and 16thE. Little Elementary School, North Reading
Wed & Thurs, June 19th and 20thMedford High School, Medford
Wed & Thurs, August 21st and 22ndMedford High School, Medford

Classes in Medford and Haverhill are from 6:30 to 9:00 both nights and 7:00 to 9:30 when we are in North Reading. In order to meet the court requirements, you must be present for the full 2 1/2 hours each night. If you arrive late you will need to reschedule. You must attend a separate class from your spouse, and your space in the class is reserved once we receive the $80.00 payment. Please note that child care is not provided, and children are not permitted to attend the classes.

Class Locations are as follows:

Haverhill: Northern Essex Community College
North Reading: E. Little Elementary School
Medford: Medford High School

Please see our locations page for directions to any of these locations.

To register for a class or for more information, call (978) 664-2566 and press option 5. If you would prefer to register by mail, please print out our registration form. If none of these dates and times are convenient for you, you can get a list of other classes located throughout the state at The Divorce Center, Inc.