Appointments & Fees

If you are interested in receiving counseling with us, your first contact will be with our referral coordinator, who will work with you to find the best match between you and one of our therapists. To schedule an appointment or to get more information, please call (978) 664-2566 and press 2 at the prompt to speak to the referral coordinator.

Fee Schedule

Payment is expected at time of service. We accept almost all insurance plans and HMOs, and we participate in many EAPs. Our fee schedule is as follows:

Initial Evaluation$200.00
Individual Therapy with patient or family member38-52 Minutes$150.00
Individual Therapy with patient or family member53-60 Minutes$200.00
Individual Therapy with patient or family member16-37 Minutes$100.00
Couples or Family Therapy38-52 Minutes$170.00
Group Psychotherapy Not time based$80.00
Late Cancellation fee(Less Than 24 hours)$80.00

Click here to download the addendum for self-pay and out-of-network clients.

Initial Paperwork

To save time, you can print out the initial paperwork we give to clients on their first visit and bring a signed copy to your first appointment. Alternatively, you can come 15 minutes early to your first appointment and fill the paperwork out at our office.