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When relationship or marital problems occur, it can feel nearly impossible to rebuild what you and your partner once had. Often, patients seek help sorting through feelings related to their relationship issues through individual counseling, couples counseling, or marriage counseling. When a toxic relationship begins impacting others– especially children– family counseling may be necessary to create an open line of communication and healing.

Here at Psychotherapy Associates of Amesbury (PANR), we help those whose relationships’ lack trust, respect, and communication. While these are crucial building blocks in a healthy relationship, all hope is not lost. Many partnerships are salvageable if both parties are willing to commit to the effort that the rebuilding process requires. If you approach couples therapy with the right goals and mindset, you may be surprised at how viable working through your issues can be.

Our team of clinical psychologists, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Workers (LICSW), and Licensed Mental Health Counselors (LMHC) has a great deal of expertise with relationship counseling in Amesbury and the greater Boston, MA. We offer assistance with many types of problems that affect couples, including those that relate to parenting, finances, health issues, domestic violence, and anger management. Another common issue we see is couples growing apart. Over time, individuals may feel that the relationship has become stale and “boring.”

No matter what you and your partner are experiencing, counseling is one of the most effective tools for saving a relationship. Get in touch with one of our mental health specialists or marriage counselors today to learn more about our relationship counseling services and family therapy solutions!

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